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Combined Tactical Systems Provides Details About the CTS Fuze Products

In response to increased interest and recent calls regarding the origin and quality of fuzes manufactured by Combined Systems, Inc. (CSi) and sold under the Combined Tactical Systems (CTS) brand, CSi is issuing this statement to address all of the questions at once and state the facts regarding these products.

As the largest supplier of the M201A1 type fuze to the US Government, CSi has continually raised the performance and reliability standards of the M201A1 type fuze. In addition to the M201A1 type fuze, CTS also manufactures the M213 fuze incorporating a detonator and it is the initiating system for the M67 fragmentation grenade. These fuze products are manufactured to unmatched industry standards:

• CTS fuzes are built to a 1.5 second delay with a ± 0.2 seconds delay tolerance. This exceeds the Mil Spec 0.7 to 2.0 second delay time.
• CTS fuzes are all waterproofed to Mil Std 810 (revision F) and withstand a 96 hour salt spray test.
• CTS batches all fuze production and destructive tests 5% of each batch to ensure precise delay times. During these tests fuze output is timed by a computer to a thousandth of a second.
• CTS fuzes are all produced in a temperature and humidity controlled environment.
• CTS fuzes come with a pull ring safety (“pull safe”) as standard equipment.
• CTS flashbang fuzes are cast with a stronger alloy and designed with narrower threads yielding the most durable and robust fuze body.
• CTS flashbang fuzes are subjected to 100% x-ray testing. This ensures there are no hidden defects in the delay column or fuze body.
• CTS flashbang fuzes are supplied with a cotter pin guard or “pin shroud.” This eliminates the possibility that the sharp end of the cotter pin can get caught on clothing and ensures a consistently weighted pin pull.

In summary, make no mistake, CTS fuze products are unique to the CTS brand and not found on any other fuze products sold commercially on the law enforcement market. CTS builds the strongest, safest and most reliable pyrotechnic fuze in the law enforcement and the military markets.

About Combined Systems, Inc.
Founded in 1981, Combined Systems, Inc. (CSi) is a leading manufacturer and marketer of tactical munitions, pyrotechnics, less-lethal crowd control and launching systems sold under the CTS and Penn Arms Brands supporting armed forces and law enforcement globally. CSi is also delivering the highest quality rocket components and hand grenade fuzes in the world. The Company’s well respected engineering capabilities have distinguished it within the industry providing each and every customer with products tailored to support their requirements and missions.

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