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New Law Enforcement and Military Tactics & Strategies are now available from Laser Energetics, Inc.

The Dazer Laser™ DEFENDER & GUARDIAN are defensive & offensive control - TACTIC CHANGING TECHNOLOGIES. They permit the enforcer (Dazer Laser™ user) to engage and control a threat(s) at greater range and at a lower risk to both the enforcer and the threat. These hand held non-lethal laser weapons can be used as stand alone devices or can be mounted on a rifle or shotgun via an optional Picatinny rail adapter.

Using current close proximity non-lethal weapons such as: batons, pepper spray, tear gas, non-lethal ammunition, and high voltage darts is inevitable due to ineffective short range confrontation solutions currently in use by law enforcement and the military. All of these close proximity non-lethal weapons increase the risk to the enforcer and the threat which can lead to the use of lethal force.

The Dazer Laser™ DEFENDER has a range from 1 - 2400 meters (model dependent) and the Dazer Laser™ GUARDIAN has a range from 1 - 300 meters (model dependent). Upon being dazed, the Dazer Laser™ instantly impairs the vision of the threat (optical distracter). Simultaneously, the threat’s equilibrium and awareness is impaired which, in some cases, may be followed by a feeling of nausea (motion sickness).

These non-lethal weapons provide a humanitarian way of efficiently and effectively disrupting, controlling and stopping the perpetration of wrong doing at very short, medium and long ranges. All models can operate as a non-dazing, long range, high resolution search light which has a range of 1 - 500 meters (model dependent).

Our Dazer Laser™ products are eye safe at all ranges and meet the current American National Standard Institute (ANSI) safety standard Z136.1-2007. By meeting all current ANSI standards, no permanent damage can occur to ones eyesight after one or repeated dazings.

The Dazer Laser™ DEFENDER & GUARDIAN improve success in one-on-one confrontations at extended ranges with better suppression and control capabilities, completely avoiding risk of collateral injury. They can be used by all branches of the Armed Forces, Law Enforcement, Prison Security, Sky Marshals, Maritime Shipping, Park Services, Armored Vehicles, Border Patrol, Cruise Ship, Security, Embassies, Airport & Subway Security, Riot & Crowd Control, and for many other situations and applications. 

Please visit www.laserenergetics.com for more information.

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