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DGG Taser & Tactical Supply Has Added UTM – Ultimate Training Munitions Products

Jacksonville, FL  DGG Taser & Tactical Supply announced today that they have added another product line, UTM – Ultimate Training Munitions, to their inventory of law enforcement equipment and tactical supplies.  UTM products provide training solutions offering safe, reliable, accurate and realistic training in Non-Lethal and Lethal environments.  Products will include UTM Ammunitions, Conversion Kits and Personal Protection Equipment.

UTM products are designed to make training as real as possible.  UTM provides a complete Training System solution for use with 5.56mm, 9mm, .357SIG and .40 Cal weapons.  UTM offers Man Marker Rounds (MMR), Target Bullet Rounds (TBR) and Blanks (SBR & BBR) for use in pistols, rifles, SMG’s and machine guns.  The UTM system also included simple and effective safety equipment for safe force on force training in operational clothing.  All UTM products are manufactured under ISO 9000 disciplines.   

“Agencies have a need for realistic force on force training. We feel that UTM brings a level of quality training, allowing the agency to use weapon platforms they already use” says Gary Meares, President of DGG Taser.  “UTM is the best force on force combat training next to the real thing. There is a significant difference between punching holes in cardboard and punching rounds onto a human target that is shooting back.”

For more information, log onto www.teamdgg.com or call 866-626-8273.  Media contact: Cheryl Capwell, 904-419-3509, or via email at cheryl@teamdgg.com

D.G.G. Taser & Tactical Supply distributes law enforcement equipment, SWAT supplies, tactical gear and clothing and personal self defense products. Proudly owned and operated by law enforcement professionals. Located at 8725 Youngerman Court, Ste 305, Jacksonville, FL 32244  www.dggtaser.com/

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