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Advanced TASER Reduces Deputy Injuries By 80 Percent In Orange County, Fla.

In a recent Orlando Sentinel article, the Orange County, FL Sheriff's Dept. reported an 80% reduction in deputy injuries since the ADVANCED TASER® M26 was introduced there. Deputy injuries dropped from 120 in 2000 to 42 in 2001 and 10 through May 2002, an annual rate of only 24 injuries per year, or 80 percent fewer than in 2000. Further, the M26 has clearly become the favored less-lethal force option for deputies: 201 incidents out of a total of 295 (68%) force incidents used the TASER in lieu of other options. Further, K-9 deployments have dropped by 50 percent. For more info, visit www.TASER.com and click under headlines & news. This graph should be invaluable for command staff presentations.

Bernard Kerick To Host Roundtable On Advanced TASER M26 At IACP

On Sunday, Oct. 6, at the International Association of Chiefs of Police conference in Minneapolis, the Minneapolis Police Dept. and TASER Int'l will present a roundtable discussion, "The Challenges and Opportunities Associated with Full Deployment of the ADVANCED TASER M26 at the Patrol Level." Former NYPD Commissioner Bernard Kerik who served under Mayor Guiliani, will chair this roundtable and include leading chiefs from more than 60 PDs deploying M26s to every officer.

The roundtable members include: Chief Arturo Venegas, Sacramento Police, the first major PD to deploy to all officers; current IACP president, Chief William Berger, North Miami Police, and more. If you or your chief is interested in attending this roundtable, please fax the info below to register at: 480-991-0791. We will email confirmations with final details by mid-September.

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TASER.Com Website Now A Weekly Source Of Taser Int'L News

Our website was recently rebuilt from the ground up. In fact, our new webmaster Theron Neff is updating the site weekly, even daily with important news and developments. The home page is reorganized to simplify navigation, with news and events cleanly organized on the right hand side. We also adopted new video compression technology to allow for lightning fast downloads of our TASER use videos.

You need download Quicktime 6.0 (a free download from www.apple.com/quicktime/products/qt/) that works on PCs and Macintosh. Also, most of our video downloads are now less than 2 Mb in size and faster to download. Visit www.TASER.com and let us know what you think.

Live On Video:
Pima County Sheriff's Use Advanced Taser To Capture Mentally Ill Man

Pima Sheriff's Deputies in Tucson, Ariz. use the ADVANCED TASER M26 to safely subdue a emotionally disturbed man who had threatened to kill his girlfriend, himself, and anyone who got close to him. The dramatic footage is caught on news video and available on our website with our new Quicktime MPEG4 video technology; download is only 600 KB.

Price Changes On Cartridges Effective Sept. 15

As many of you know, TASER Int'l production facilities were relocated from Mexico to the U.S. in Scottsdale, AZ in early 2001 in order to enhance quality control. While the relocation was an overall success and has indeed improved production reliability, it has lead to cost increases. While we have never had a price increase on our cartridges in our 8-year history, we will adjust our cartridge prices to account for these cost increases. The new prices will represent a modest 6% increase, or $1.00 per cartridge. The new M.S.P. for 15-foot cartridges will be $16.97, and the 21-foot cartridges will cost $18.97 effective September 15, 2002. Order now before the price change is effective.

TASER Training Version 8.0 Is At The Press!

Our ADVANCED TASER training CD Version 8.0 is a dramatic improvement in certification training. Based on 2 years of field use studies and feedback of hundreds of instructors at our TASER® Tactical Conference, version 8.0 will ship in about 3-4 weeks to all instructors. Please discontinue use of earlier versions of training and use version 8.0.

Finally, we need agencies to host TASER Instructor Certification Classes. Get instructors certified free when you host. Contact Jami Hill, Training Coordinator, at Jami@TASER.com or 1-800-978-2737 ext. 2016.

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