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TASER International, Inc. Commends Greek Police Special Forces on Use of ADVANCED TASER M26 to Arrest Turkish Airlines Flight 160 Hijacker

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., April 1, 2003 - TASER International, Inc. (NASDAQ: TASR & TASRW), a provider of advanced less-lethal weapons for use in the law enforcement, private security and personal defense markets, announced today that the ADVANCED TASER M26 was used recently by the Greek Police Special Forces to incapacitate and arrest the hijacker of Turkish Airlines Flight 160.

"We are ecstatic that the ADVANCED TASER M26 successfully and safely stopped this hijacking," stated Thomas P. Smith, President of TASER International. "This is a tremendous example of the effectiveness and expanding acceptance of the ADVANCED TASER M26 weapon by police forces around the world. Moreover, this spectacular M26 use has worldwide implications in its safe deployment aboard an aircraft during an extremely dangerous hijacking situation. Our distributor, Dimitri Diamantopoulos, has worked diligently with the Greek Police to promote the deployment of our weapon technology. We commend the Greek Police Special Forces for their exemplary work in safely ending this hijacking for the 194 passengers and 7 crew members aboard the hijacked aircraft," stated Smith.

"I am completely satisfied with the outcome of the hijacking of the Turkish Airbus. The hijacker was shot with the ADVANCED TASER M26 by the cockpit and he was incapacitated immediately," commented Police Major Stefanos Kozirakis, Commander of the Greek Police Special Forces.

The details of the hijacking, as stated by Sergeant John Papachristos and Sergeant George Stavridis of the Greek Police Special Forces, are as follows: "We kindly inform you that on 3-28-2003 at 23:00 hours an airliner Airbus A-310 flight number TK160 of the Turkish Airlines with a scheduled flight from Istanbul to Ankara with 194 passengers and 7 crew members was hijacked by a Turkish citizen with the threat of a razor. The hijacker also claimed that he had explosives in a belt. The aircraft landed at Athens airport at 24:00 hours and the hijacker wanted to refuel the aircraft to continue the flight to Germany. After negotiations with the Greek authorities, he let the hostages free on 3-29-2003 at 02:50 hours but he continued to keep the pilot and the co-pilot in the aircraft. After the interrogation of the passengers and observation of the sniper team we realized that the explosives were candles. At 03:30 hours the Greek Police Special Forces made an assault on the aircraft and found the hijacker at the cockpit. We used the ADVANCED TASER M-26 Serial Number P002057 and cartridge number G34081. The hijacker fell immediately to the floor and was arrested with success."

About TASER International, Inc.

TASER International, Inc. (NASDAQ: TASR) provides advanced less-lethal weapons for use in the law enforcement, private security and personal defense markets. Our flagship ADVANCED TASER® product has reduced officer injuries by over 80% in the Orange County (FL) Sheriff's Office, and reduced suspect injuries by over 72% in the Phoenix (AZ) Police Department. The ADVANCED TASER is saving lives, reducing liability and creating safer jobs in over 2,250 law enforcement agencies worldwide. Call 800-978-2737 or visit our website at www.TASER.com to learn more about the new standard in less-lethal weapons.

For further information contact Steve Tuttle, Director of Government Affairs at Steve@TASER.com or call 800-978-2737 ext. 2006 or visit Taser's Web Site.

TASER International, Inc.

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