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A.L.S. Technologies Announces the ALS Non Re-loadable Diversionary Device

ALS Technologies Non Re-loadable Diversionary Device A.L.S. Technologies introduces the ALS non re-loadable diversionary device. The ALS 09NR has an M201 A1 one second delay fuse with a highly refined flash powder, producing a brilliant disorientation flash. This mixture is extremely pure and is rated at a 35% power factor of TNT by weight. The body of this device is made completely from Steel and the Explosive chamber is water resistant because of its high tinsel strength, .030 inch thick plastic body. This device was developed as a diversionary device for use in a variety of applications. This devices was designed as an ergonomic, inexpensive, diversionary device that requires no maintenance.

Potential Targets/Applications: Prison/Civil Rioters/Tactical Entries

Primary Users: Law Enforcement, Military, and Corrections

Incapacitation Mechanism/Technology: The ALS 09NR is an approximately one second delay device which produces a brilliant flash and a thunderous report of approximately 174 dB at 5 feet. It will normally cause disorientation for 1 to 3 seconds.

Physical Data:

    Height: 4.5 Inches
    Diameter: 2.0 Inches
    Weight: .75 lbs
Performance Characteristics:

Delivery Means: Hand thrown

Operational Strengths: No additional equipment needed.

Operational Limitations: Devices thrown within 5 feet of individuals may produce significant trauma to individual's hearing of damage to the eyes if dispersion ports are oriented directly in the line with the eyes or ears. Heart attacks may be induced in individual's with pre-existing conditions. These devices should not be used in areas with high fire potential.

Documentation Requirements: It is recommended that officers training records be annotated to indicate proper training of less lethal blunt impact munitions use has been accomplished.

Contact Information:
ALS Technologies, Inc.
P.O. Box 525
Bull Shoals, AR 72619
Ph: (870) 445-8746
Fax: (870) 445-6191
Email: alstech@mtnhome.com

For more information on A.L.S. Technologies, please visit www.alstechnologies.com

A.L.S. Technologies

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