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Beretta USA and PepperBall Technologies Form Strategic Alliance to Provide Non-Lethal Solutions

Will Introduce Products for Self Defense, Home Protection, Security, Law Enforcement and Military applications

Accokeek, Md. and San Diego, CA - Beretta USA and PepperBall Technologies, Inc. (PTI) announced today that they have formed a strategic alliance for the co-design, development, manufacture and distribution of non-lethal solutions for self defense, home protection, security, law enforcement, and military applications.

Christopher Merritt, general manager of Beretta USA, said Beretta was attracted to the alliance by PTI's strong patent portfolio in the areas of non-lethal projectile and delivery systems. "PTI's management team has extensive experience in developing similar solutions for the United States Department of Defense," he said. "Partnering with PTI provides Beretta with a dynamic foundation from which to offer our existing customers innovative self defense/security solutions, and introduce new customers to the World of Beretta."

Eric Wenaas, PTI's president and chief executive officer, said he expects the alliance with Beretta to help PepperBall more quickly penetrate new and existing markets with its products. "An opportunity to work with a global company such as Beretta, that has embodied quality, dependability, and a customer-based focus for almost 500 years, was one that we were anxious to embrace," he said. "Combining PepperBall's innovative focus on various technology solutions with Beretta's strong brand, solutions-based approach, and marketing prowess is a combination that we believe will create a uniquely powerful force in serving the demand for and providing non-lethal solutions to various markets."

The companies plan to supply their initial products to the commercial markets through Beretta's existing dealer base. PTI has provided their existing TAC700 and SA200 launcher products to over 3,000 Law Enforcement agencies in the U. S. and has produced and sold over 10 million non-lethal projectiles. Beretta's Law Enforcement and Military Group will be assisting PTI in creating further awareness and educating users of the numerous benefits of the non-lethal solutions.

The allied companies will develop products using PepperBall's unique and proven Chem-netics technology to effectively achieve subject compliance. Affected individuals experience the deterrent effect of being struck by the powerful yet less-than-lethal kinetic impact of a patented hard frangible projectile, and the release of potent PAVA (capsaicin II) pepper super-irritant. The combined affects of this technology will enable Beretta and PepperBall to develop products that are extremely effective while also lowering the level of kinetic impact relied upon by other less-than-lethal products, thereby enhancing the security of users, and saving subject lives. "These are the most comprehensive, less-than-lethal products available today," said E. Scott Blackwell, vice president of law enforcement and defense group at Beretta USA. "These products use psychological shock, kinetic impact, and chemical affects as multiple deterrents, when most less-than-lethal products use only one," he said.

Beretta is the oldest industrial dynasty in the world tracing its roots through 16 generations of continuous family ownership back to 1526. Firearms bearing the Beretta name have been sold for over 475 years. Beretta U.S.A. was founded in 1977 and supplies the standard sidearm to the U.S. Armed Forces. Today Beretta manufactures, distributes and markets a complete line of firearms, accessories and apparel. Beretta also operates five retail Beretta Gallery stores worldwide.

PepperBall Technologies, Inc. develops, manufactures and distributes the PepperBall brand line of non-lethal weapons for governmental, military, corrections, private security, and law enforcement agencies. Products include PepperBall System launchers and projectiles, ImpactPlus 12 gauge less lethal rounds, and PepperBall PAVA pepper spray. PepperBall users include the Federal Bureau of Prisons, the United States Border Patrol, Police and Sheriff Departments in major United States cities including New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington, D.C., Dallas, Miami, Phoenix, Salt Lake City, San Diego, Seattle, and more. For more information on PepperBall Technologies, Inc., visit www.pepperball.com.

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