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Wisconsin Department of Justice Tactical Skills Advisory Committee Issues Electronic Control Device Recommendations

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz.- TASER International, Inc. (Nasdaq: TASR), a market leader in advanced non-lethal devices applauds the training curriculum recommendations of the Wisconsin Department of Justice Tactical Skills Advisory Committee.

Specifically, the advisory committee members recommended: 1) the TASER™ systems be classified as an "electronic control device;" 2) electronic control devices be placed at the level of pepper spray on the state's disturbance resolution model (commonly referred to as use- of-force continuum) to overcome active resistance or its threat; 3) electronic control device training be included in basic law enforcement training and the form of the training be developed by the state; 4) unanimously recognizing electronic control devices (such as TASER technology) as a legitimate law enforcement tool in the state of Wisconsin; and 5) in the overall disturbance resolution model in Wisconsin, that law enforcement officers be trained to respond to persons in a state of excited delirium as a medical situation rather than just a law enforcement situation.

Hearings were held in Steven's Point and Oconomowoc, Wisconsin for the Advisory Committee members to receive presentations, materials, and advice from which the committee developed recommendations for the Wisconsin Department of Justice and the Law Enforcement Standards Board.

The Wisconsin Department of Justice will present its recommendations, to the Law Enforcement Standards Board, which approves the basic training curriculum for law enforcement officers in Wisconsin, in June 2005. A recent survey by the Wisconsin Department of Justice indicates at least 135 law enforcement agencies employ the TASER systems; 174 other agencies are evaluating it; and, by a margin of 339 - 17, responding agencies believe inclusion of the TASER systems in use- of-force guidelines of the Law Enforcement Standards Board will be helpful.

"We are very pleased of the recommendation that TASER devices be placed at the level of pepper spray throughout Wisconsin after a comprehensive review of the facts and data surrounding TASER technology and its use," stated Tom Smith, President of TASER International. "It is also inspiring that Wisconsin is recommending state-wide training and awareness that law enforcement officers responding to a person in the state of excited delirium initiate a medical response in conjunction with law enforcement tactics. This is another example of injury reduction data and the life-saving value of TASER technology being reviewed by industry experts in order to establish thoughtful guidelines for law enforcement throughout Wisconsin," concluded Mr. Smith.

About Wisconsin Department of Justice
The Standards Board establishes employment and basic training requirements for Wisconsin's law enforcement, jail and secure detention officers. A feature of the Board's new 520-hour law enforcement basic course is integrated use of force instruction. Training is presented as Unified Tactics and consists of the following subjects:

  • Professional Communication
  • Defensive and Arrest Tactics
  • Firearms
  • Emergency Vehicle Operations
  • Vehicle Contacts
    1. a decision to include the TASER devices in law enforcement basic training; and/or
    2. a decision about where to place the TASER technology in "Intervention Options."

The staff of the Law Enforcement Standards Board is the Wisconsin Department of Justice, Training and Standards Bureau. Advisory committees to the Bureau review training and recommend improvement to assure the responsiveness of training.

For additional information about the hearings and for background information about law enforcement use-of-force training in Wisconsin, visit www.wilenet.org. Click on the updated "TASER Review" icon on the WILENET opening page.

About TASER International, Inc.
TASER International, Inc. provides advanced non-lethal devices for use in the law enforcement, military, private security and personal defense markets. TASER devices use proprietary technology to safely incapacitate dangerous, combative or high-risk subjects who pose a risk to law enforcement officers, innocent citizens or themselves. TASER technology saves lives every day, and the use of TASER devices dramatically reduces injury rates for police officers and suspects and reduces litigation costs. For more information on TASER life-saving technology, please call TASER International at (800) 978-2737 or visit our website at www.TASER.com.

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