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Boston Incident Did Not Involve PepperBall® Products

Many members of law enforcement, the media and the public have contacted PepperBall Technologies asking if our products were involved in the recent tragic death of a young woman in Boston. She was killed after reportedly being struck by a "less-lethal" projectile as police tried to control riotous crowds following the Red Sox-Yankee game on Thursday, October 21, 2004.

The Boston media has confirmed to us that PepperBall Technology products were not used that night.

All of us at PepperBall Technologies sincerely regret this loss of life.

A link to the recent Boston Globe article is listed below. This article reports upon the event and contains more information.

We believe our products are safe and effective when used properly.

Please call Chris Andrews at 858.228.1431 us should you have any questions or comments.

Thank you.

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