Fort Worth Police Department deploys BolaWrap to assist in safely taking violent man into custody

LAS VEGAS — Wrap Technologies, Inc. (the “Company”) (Nasdaq: WRTC), an innovator of modern policing solutions, reported that on Saturday, April 6th, Fort Worth PD officers responded to a domestic disturbance call where an armed suspect was threatening his girlfriend and her mother. The victims were able to flee the location, and the suspect barricaded himself in the home. The suspect refused to exit, but after a long stand-off with S.W.A.T. officers, the suspect exited the location where the BolaWrap was deployed and he was successfully taken into custody without the need for additional uses of force.

BolaWrap is a patented remote restraint tool designed to assist law enforcement in controlling encounters. It does not rely on pain to gain compliance and is intended to be used early in an engagement, especially with subjects in mental crisis. The Company’s goal is to provide agencies with a new, alternative tool to be used early in the use of force continuum.

Lieutenant T. Plowman of Fort Worth PD said about the encounter, “We were fortunate to have been able to deploy the BolaWrap early in the encounter to help take the suspect into custody safely.”

“This is an example of the importance of providing the right tools for police officers for the right situations. The BolaWrap 100 was able to be deployed from a distance to assist S.W.A.T. officers in the apprehension, while minimizing injury to the suspect,” said Michael Rothans, Chief Operating Officer at Wrap Technologies.

The Company has received requests for demonstrations, training and purchasing from more than 800 U.S. Law Enforcement agencies and from representatives from more than 50 countries over the past year. The Company is in the process of expanding its manufacturing, training, and distribution efforts in order to accommodate the global demand.

A link to the story about the encounter with Fort Worth PD by Dallas News can be found here.

About Wrap Technologies
Wrap Technologies is an innovator of modern policing solutions. The company’s BolaWrap 100 product is a patented, hand-held remote restraint device that discharges an 8-foot bola-style Kevlar tether to entangle an individual at a range of 10-25 feet. Developed by award-winning inventor Elwood Norris, the company’s chief technology officer, the small but powerful BolaWrap 100 assists law enforcement to safely and effectively control encounters, especially those involving an individual experiencing a mental crisis. For information, please visit Examples of recent media coverage are available as links under the “Media” tab of the website.

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