The Defender combines camera, surveillance, pepper spray

A personal protection system that takes prevention to the next level

By PoliceOne Staff

Pangaea, Inc. has unveiled the Defender, a new pocket-sized device that combines a camera, a 24/7 monitoring system for police and health services, and pepper spray that provides an all-in-one portable defense system for its users.

The Defender uses the communication technology of a smartphone and a digital camera to capture and forward an attacker’s picture to law enforcement, plus a flashing light and audible alarm to attract attention, and the highest concentration of pepper spray available to law enforcement all within the device.

A single button snaps a photo, sends it to law enforcement, sounds an alarm, and deploys pepper spray simultaneously, while a second button instantly alerts medical services of an emergency and sends them the location of the device.

The device includes 12 months of Everywhere Security monitoring service and the accompanying mobile app, available for iOS and Android.  

The device is available through the crowd-funding website now

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