New from TierOne: The Law Enforcement Lifesaver Kit

Increase the Survival Rate for Preventable Death

TierOne, a leader in Emergency Preparedness and Response, announces a new kit designed for the Law Enforcement Officer. The Law Enforcement Lifesaver kit has been developed to provide officers with the tools to increase the survival rate from penetrating trauma. In 1919 Col. H.M. Gray stated “The hemorrhage that takes place when a main artery is divided is usually so rapid and so copious that the wounded man dies before help can reach him.” These words hold just as true today as they did 90 years ago.

Soldiers have continued to die on the battlefield the same way since the Civil War. Preventable Combat Death is an injury that the soldier should not have died from, yet did. In Vietnam it is estimated that 2500 deaths resulted from hemorrhage from an extremity wound. Not until 1993 did the medical and tactical communities look hard at this issue and Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) was the result. TCCC was developed to change these patterns and address the 3 leading causes of preventable combat death – Extremity Hemorrhage (60%), Tension Pneumothorax (33%), and Airway Obstruction (6%).

The evidence based medicine coming out of Iraq and Afghanistan is providing medical and tactical professionals with a new look at penetrating trauma in the combat environment. The Tactical Combat Casualty Care program has benefitted from these new concepts and developed guidelines for our soldiers in the war zone. These same concepts can be transitioned to the civilian law enforcement community and enable officers to survive preventable death.

The Law Enforcement Lifesaver Kit puts the tools in the hands of the officers to increase the survival rate and includes:

• Combat Application Tourniquet (CAT)
• Combat Gauze
• Air Release System (ARS)*
• HyFin Chest Seal*
• Bolin Chest Seal**
• Emergency Trauma Dressing
• S-Rolled Gauze
• Trauma Shears
• Medical Gloves

These timely and proven interventions will be the mainstay in decreasing the number of preventable deaths in the Law Enforcement and Tactical Communities.

For more information

Please visit the Law Enforcement Lifesaver Kit Website
Call Chris Mailliard 888-260-6330 Ext.103

*Items included in the Kit for Medically Trained Personnel Only
**Items included in the Basic Kit for Non-Medically Trained Officers

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