Using AEDs to revive heart attack victims

Police in the Connecticut town of North Branford were able to revive a woman who was in “full cardiac and respiratory arrest,” thanks in part to the department’s purchase of life-saving equipment made several years ago. Officer Anthony Deluise, who is also a trained paramedic, was able to use an automated external defibrillator (AED) on the 59-year-old woman, who reportedly had collapsed at a neighbor’s house on Sunday night. The victim's name has not been released. 

This is not the first time that an officer from North Branford PD was able to provide this kind of medical attention.  A department spokesperson said that it was the third successful use of an AED since the agency acquired these pieces of equipemtn about five years ago.

The use of AEDs by police officers is increasingly common.  Earlier this month in Gaylord, Minnesota, Officer Jeffrey Milette was honored for his quick response in the rescue of a man who suffered sudden cardiac arrest in November 2008.

During a ceremony event at which he was presented a Certificate of Heroism from the Sudden Death Cardiac Arrest (SCAA) Association, Milette recalled the afternoon of the incident. Milette, who has served as a part-time officer for the City of Gaylord for nine years, and the nearby City of Arlington for six years, said that he had used the Gaylord Police Department’s AED device that is always carried in his squad car.

In many cases it is a police officer who is in the best position use this life-saving technology, because they tend to respond faster than other emergency services to the scene of a person in trouble.

Steve Johnston, Director of the SCAA said the Gaylord Police Department is “well equipped and properly trained to help in cardiac emergencies,” and that he hopes the department will be a model for others. “His heroic actions and prompt response set a fine example that can hopefully be followed,” Johnson said.

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Read more about Officer Anthony Deluise’s heroic actions in the New Haven Register.

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