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May 2010 Product Roundup: AEDs Automated External Defibrillators

PoliceOne is focusing on news and information about Police AEDs Automated External Defibrillators throughout the month of May 2010. Check out some of the latest Police AEDs available for law enforcement today.

ZOLL's AED Plus®ZOLL's AED Plus® automated external defibrillator
ZOLL's AED Plus® features Real CPR Help®, a tool that is able to actually see what you are doing and provide feedback to help you do it well. Audio and visual prompts help you rescue with confidence and clarity unmatched by any other automated external defibrillator (AED). The AED Plus offers: real CPR Help for rate and depth of compressions; support for the complete Chain of Survival; a one-piece pad for fast and accurate placement; consumer lithium camera batteries available from retail stores. For more information visit www.zoll.com or download the AED Plus® product brochure here.

Philips HeartStart FRx DefibrillatorPhilips HeartStart FRx Defibrillator
On the scene with law enforcement the Philips HeartStart FRx Defibrillator is designed to be easy to use, rugged and reliable. Infant/child key turns the HeartStart FRx into a pediatric defibrillator, tailoring the voice instructions and therapy to the needs of a child. That means just one pad set works for adults, children, and infants, simplifying a stressful rescue. Every HeartStart FRx goes through a 120 point test before it leaves the factory. On the job, the HeartStart FRx automatically conducts self-tests every single day, not just weekly. It performs over 85 different tests in all. Learn more by visiting www.medical.philps.com and get direct grant assistance for purchasing AEDs at www.policegrantshelp.com.

Cardic Science Powerheart AED G3 Plus Cardiac Science Powerheart AED G3 Plus
The Powerheart AED G3 Plus is the flagship Cardiac Science AED (automated external defibrillator), complete with RescueCoach and CPR metronome to pace chest compressions. Featuring: Rescue Ready technology to self-check all main AED components (battery, hardware, software, and pads) daily. It completes a partial charge of the high-voltage electronics weekly, and a full charge monthly. RescueCoach and CPR metronome to pace chest compressions. Calculates electrical impedance and if a second shock is necessary, our proprietary STAR biphasic technology escalates the energy to deliver therapy at an appropriate, higher level and more. Get all the details at www.cardiacscience.com.

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