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Defense Technology Brand Releases New MK-9S .7% OC Vapor

Next Generation Pepper Spray – Ideal for indoor tactical use

ONTARIO, Calif.Safariland® announced today that is has released the First Defense® MK-9S .7% OC Vapor in its Defense Technology® brand.

The MK-9S is the next innovation in pepper spray with an intense concentration of major capsaicinoids that is non-flammable, EDWsafe formula and produces a high volume mist, exceeding CRT and DOT flammability protocols. This formulation evaporates in a very short distance, eliminating the need for extensive area clean up or personal decontamination procedures. Designed for law enforcement, corrections, and military personnel, this vapor formula offers a rapid and effective way to gain control of threatening subjects.

The MK-9S (Model 43890) uses an extremely potent formulation designed to stay in emulsion to ensure delivery of the same levels of agent to the target consistently. Unlike other brands, the active ingredient in the MK-9S OC Vapor will not separate and remains in the canister. The MK- 9S delivers 8 – 10 short bursts and has an effective range of over 15 feet, with a total weight of 12.7 ounces. The vapor primarily inflames the mucous membranes, upper respiratory tract, and exposed skin resulting in shortness of breath along with pain, discomfort and a burning sensation. Once the subject is removed from the contaminated area to fresh air, the respiratory effects are resolved within minutes.

The MK-9S with wand (Model 43896) is ideal for indoor tactical use and, when discharged into enclosed spaces, will help dislodge and detect hiding non-compliant subjects. Uses for the MK- 9S also include penetration under doors, food ports and window gaskets.

Available for order now, MSRP is as follows:
MK-9S OC Vapor .7% w/ Wand Adapter | 43890 | $49.00
MK-9S OC Vapor .7% | 43896 | $45.00

Visit www.safariland.com/lesslethal or www.defense-technology.com to see this and the entire line of products.

About Safariland, LLC
Safariland, LLC is a premier global provider of trusted, innovative, high-quality law enforcement and security products for the public safety, military and outdoor/personal protection markets. Offering many of the world’s most recognizable names in these markets, principal brands include ABA®, Second Chance®, Safariland®, Bianchi® and Break Free®. Forensics brands
include Identicator® and NIK®. Safariland’s mission, Together, We Save Lives, is inherent in the life-saving products it delivers. Safariland, LLC is a privately held company and is
headquartered in Jacksonville, FL. For more information about Safariland and its brands, please visit www.safariland.com.

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