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Alternative Ballistics, LP launches THE ALTERNATIVE™; New and Affordable Less-Lethal Tech

EL CAJON, Calif. - Alternative Ballistics, LP, a San Diego based less-lethal technology design company, has merged with Awater LTD and acquired the rights to THE ALTERNATIVE™.

THE ALTERNATIVE™ is a patented technology, which instantly converts an officer's duty weapon into a less lethal system, incapacitating an individual through blunt force trauma with a diminished risk of serious injury or death.

THE ALTERNATIVE™ is a system that consists of two main components - the dock, which is designed to mount easily on most law enforcement side-arms. Attached to the forward end on the dock is the projectile. The projectile is composed of a metal block covered by a rubber sleeve. The block has a horizontal cavity designed to capture the bullet expended from the weapon. Upon discharge, the bullet imbeds in the cavity adding its mass while simultaneously transferring its kinetic energy to the projectile. The projectile then travels along the intended path of the bullet to engage the threat in a less-lethal manner.

THE ALTERNATIVE™ is designed to be carried on an officer's duty belt. It is immediately available for deployment should a less lethal response be appropriate. A key feature of THE ALTERNATIVE™ is that it can be rapidly affixed to the muzzle of a service weapon while the officer continues to cover the threat. Upon deployment of THE ALTERNATIVE™ the weapon is clear of the device and is returned to its normal lethality.

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