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Video: Dash cam aids Russian drivers on terrifying roads

Civilian drivers use the footage to substantiate accident claims in court

By PoliceOne Staff

Civilian drivers on Russia's notoriously perilous roads are equipping their vehicles with dash cams in order to substantiate accident claims in court.

Hit and runs are common throughout the traffic-logged country, but insurance companies deny payment unless the offender is found and sued, AnimalNewYork.com reported

Tracking down offenders can prove difficult when the common procedure after rear-ending someone is to lie to police or flee, but video evidence greatly aids in obtaining plate numbers.

Sometimes, extortion schemes by accident-staging specialists send an angry crowd of "witnesses" to demand cash from "offending drivers." This practice, which began in the mob, has declined with the rise of the dash cam.

As more people install the devices in their cars, more and more videos are surfacing showing the perils of driving on Russia's roads.

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