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Free New ELX Software Makes WatchGuard’s 4RE™ Work without a Server Computer

Allen, Tex. - WatchGuard Video has announced the release of Evidence Library ExpressTM (ELX), which is an all new video management software program designed to enable an agency to deploy the WatchGuard 4RE HD In-Car Video System without investing in any server computers or wireless infrastructure.  ELX is designed to be simple enough for anyone to install and run on modest PCs, so even agencies with no IT staff or IT support can easily begin using the industry’s leading High Definition video solution after purchasing just one WatchGuard 4RE HD In-Car Video System.

The “Stand-Alone” 4RE Solution
ELX Software is available free of charge when purchasing a WatchGuard 4RE High Definition In-Car Video System.  With ELX software, an officer or an agency can easily store, view, manage and export 4RE’s video files using the vehicle mounted computer or another agency provided PC.  The all-new user interface of ELX is so intuitive and simple to use, that most officers will be able to make full use of the software without any formal training.

ELX includes a DVR configurator so the 4RE in-car systems can be setup with all desired officer names, settings, and custom event classifications.  Video recordings can be located by searching combinations of date, officer name, event classification, vehicle ID and more.  ELX also includes a built-in media player and the video files can be exported for court with an included export player so any computer can play the video evidence without installing a codec.

Utilizes a Secure USB Flash Drive
Previously, the WatchGuard 4RE HD system only worked in conjunction with the server-based backend software platform called Evidence Library 3 (EL3).  EL3 is a fully scalable, feature rich, SQL Server solution designed for larger agencies using wireless file transfers and remote client applications.  The new ELX software is designed to operate on a single PC and to use the removable USB Flash Drive (secured in the 4RE’s locking drive bay) to transfer video files from the car to a computer.

Some agencies may wish to begin their 4RE fleet rollout with a small number of 4RE HD systems utilizing ELX software.  Then in the future they can purchase wireless radios, migrate to the full Evidence Library 3 software, and begin transferring files wirelessly.  There is no cost penalty to this phased approach because the wireless hardware is separate from the DVR, meaning the 802.11n radio can simply be plugged into the 4RE DVR at a later date.

Supports Multiple Car & Officer Environments
Evidence Library Express (ELX) can also be installed on a centrally located PC where multiple officers could use ELX to upload video from the 4RE’s USB flash drives.  Permissions can be restricted to provide security for the video evidence.

About WatchGuard Video
WatchGuard Video is the world’s largest manufacturer of law enforcement in-car video systems.  Headquartered in Allen, Texas the company staffs the industry’s largest Research and Development department and has invested over $25 million specifically into the development of digital in-car video systems for law enforcement.

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