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Read What Fellow Officers Are Saying About WatchGuard Video

Here are a few testimonials from our customers:

"We currently have 57 WatchGuar dunits. We also had the privilege of sending two technicians to your training last year which proved to be very beneficial. Matt Cutts and Justin Vanman were very professional and knowledgable with the product. They began right away troubleshooting. At no point, did they make our tech feel incompetent. There was very professional dialog among everyone. This made for a great reflection on them, your company and the customer service department. At the end of the day, it was determined we need some replacement units. Matt had them shipped to us the next day. I would like to thank you and your staff for the excellent customer service we received. We did not have to play the "remove systems and ship game."

Brian Dowling
Johnson County Sheriff's Office

"(The WatchGuard tech) arrived at my department and examined every car and made repairs to the system and the installation at NO CHARGE to this department. Mr. Freeman corrected installation issues that accounted for 90% of the problems we were having. Proper installation is the responsibility of the department and not WatchGuard. Yet, WatchGuard graciously rewired our cars to make the systems perform more efficiently. Your customer service is beyond outstanding. I did not expect this type of response and I deeply appreciate it. You have earned my trust and my department's business."

Chief Barry Subelsky
Charles Town PD

"Thank you for all the help you have provided over the years with the WatchGuard system. It seems that each time I have to contact (Customer Service) for help, no matter what time, each representative provides all I need to be able to work through any problem.They are also exceptionally helpful with getting loaner unites or parts when needed and within a good amount of time." 

Cpl. R. Shingler
Summerville PD

"Outstanding service. Well beyond any possible expectations! Thank You!"

Sgt. Ken Schollenberger
York Area Regional PD

"Woodlands County was looking for a new camera system that would work well within our department. Many different camera companies offered systems, but they either didn't meet our expectations or they were over priced. WatchGuard's digital in-car camera system met the mark. The ability to write to DVD+RW and [their] pricing sold us, but what made it stand out was their service. No one else offered software upgrades at no charge (some companies even wanted around $4,000 for their software). We are very pleased with the system and will be purchasing from them again."

John Elley
Woodlands County Patrol Service

"When I began the research for a digital system to replace our current, antiquated VHS system, one comment that I heard from several different salesman was that the DVD system was not reliable because the "needle" would skip every time you hit a bump in the road. After extensive research, I purchased the WatchGuard DVD system.

Three months later, a squad car was broadsided by a car going 50 MPH. The system never missed a beat. It recorded the crash and the aftermath until it was turned off by the officer. The system required no repairs, even though the camera broke the windshield and the vehicle was totaled."

Chief Theodore Post
Bridgman Police Department

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