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Be ready to act immediately (Video)

Video:  Broadband  Dialup
Duty Sheet and Lesson Plan

In the Line of Duty includes a number of training points related to this in-car video clip of the killing of Laurens Co. (GA) Deputy Kyle Dinkheller. All of these are detailed throughout the complete video and training guide Vol. 7, Program 2, "Murder of a Georgia Deputy."

Perhaps the most important point to keep in mind while viewing this video clip is to be prepared to take immediate and decisive action when faced with a threat, particularly if the threat is clearly deadly.  If based on your training, departmental policy and relevant state and federal laws you determine that the use of deadly force against a subject who is clearly threatening your life is justified, you must be prepared to deliver that force without hesitation. "When your life is threatened by an armed subject, do not feel it necessary to let the subject fire first," reads the In the Line of Duty training guide. "Determine when lethal force is justified; then use it if called for."

Hesitation and indecision can be extremely dangerous in situations such as the one shown in this video clip. As you train, remember to include mental preparation for prompt action in your regime. As instructor Gary Klugiewicz put it in a recent PoliceOne tactical tip, "Drastic situations require drastic measures. Be prepared for that."

The video footage and duty sheet/lesson plan are from the "In the Line of Duty" video Volume 7 Program 2 - "Murder of a Georgia Deputy"

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