SHOT Show 2013: The OTIS Team Range Box

Otis, the folks who have brought us many innovative firearms cleaning materials, introduced the Team Range Box at SHOT Show 2013.
This is a self-contained cleaning station designed for law enforcement agency trips to the range.

It can support 10 or more individuals all servicing their weapons at the same time. The box is well organized and features a gun vise for stability while cleaning long arms.

The Team Range Box is available in six different combinations of common law enforcement calibers.

All of the kits support the 5.56 rifle cartage but you have a choice between 9mm, .40 cal. and .45 cal. handgun cartages as well as the choice to include 12-gauge shotgun to the list of supplies your agency kit needs.

This is an excellent, well-thought-out product that should meet the needs of many interested customers.

For more information, visit Otis at

About the author

Dennis Haworth is a police officer with a California state law enforcement agency. He has been a law enforcement range master and armorer for more than a decade. Haworth has served as a police academy instructor and has taught specialized courses on several subject matters. He has been involved in product testing for professional associations, manufacturers and law enforcement agencies. He has a BS in Criminology and an MPA with a specialization in human resources management. Much of his free time is spent as an advisor to the Shooting Sports Club at his local University of California campus.

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