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2013 in Review: Holiday gift list for police officers

It’s the holiday season — here are my holiday picks this year, for giving and getting

There is great honor in what we do. Rather than being caught up discussing a “Trial by YouTube” posted by the feckless, let’s remember what drew us to law enforcement in the first place: People need our help. Police officers around the world can’t resist helping people in need. I’ve personally witnessed coworkers giving someone a meal and warm clothing. 

So, before we begin this year’s holiday gift guide for ourselves and our police pals, let’s look at something we might consider putting in the squad car trunk for that moment you’re moved to give to someone in need.

Give Warm Socks
For our “giving back” product, I recommend Bombas Socks. Besides being made of Pima cotton, which is soft and has great moisture wicking capabilities, Bombas Socks was founded on the mission to provide the homeless with one of the most requested shelter items. For every pair of these colorful socks purchased, Bombas Socks will donate a pair. They’ve partnered with Hannah's Socks, which supports homeless and domestic violence shelters in the Midwest.

Kimber Tactical Custom II 
A few years ago, I tested a Kimber Tactical Custom II. I put it through the usual tests, including a 25-yard accuracy test, in which it printed sub-2” groups with three different brands of cartridges. My fellow firearms trainers like to kid Kimber owners about being Kimber worshipers. The fact is, every 45 ACP gun I have used since testing a Tactical Custom II have been compared to this gun. I am a fool for not purchasing one.

The Kimber Tactical Custom II is an alloy framed 31-ounce M1911 variant that weighs 31 ounces dry. It is ambidextrous and fits most holsters designed for the traditional pattern. Besides being an outstanding duty gun, the profile makes it an ideal IWB or even AC, considering it has a manual safety. 

What’s my reliability recommendation for magazines for the TC II? Metalform 8-rounders with a hydroform finish. They run and eject as smoothly as one can expect. 

Mossberg International 715T
There are several similar .22-LR AR-15 style rifles out there, but I like the Mossberg 715T for a specific purpose in law enforcement training. A full review is pending on this rifle early next year, so I won’t spoil it for you. 

In the meantime, my wish list includes several pallets of 22lr practice ammo. If you come visit me on the range, show up with a brick or two.

Brownells AR-15/M16 Multitasker Series 3 Multitool
I used to carry a regular multi tool when I practiced on the range. Brownells is now carrying the Multitasker tool, which has all of the standard items on expects to find, plus AR-15 specific tools. It even has a castle nut wrench and a sight adjustment tool. If you carry a carbine, you should carry this tool. It’s a little bigger and comes with a larger package of tool bits than other packages, but it is the way to go. 

Tuff-Writer Precision Press
A couple of years ago I tested the Tuff-Writer Operator pen. They have a new model, the Precision Press, and it’s a “clicky pen” for officers who like this kind of draw style. For a patrol pen, this is tops. 

STORM Operator Course
I was talking to a buddy of mine who is a patrol officer in Northern California. I told him I had been researching the idea of officers receiving a higher level of training than just basic first responder stuff. My friend told me that he has been asking for advanced medical training, and the value of this training has been proven time and time again. 

This is my response to this article by PoliceOne Editor in Chief Doug Wyllie. 

I recommend the NTOA STORM Operator Course, a 16-hour training that could provide some life-saving applications while the zone is still hot. This skill set is especially valuable during an active incident. 

Here’s wishing everyone a wonderful holiday, and keep your powder dry. 

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