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Konus SightPro-PTS1: An excellent choice for the patrol carbine

For those already asking whether a 3x optic can be used for close quarters, the answer is “yes”

I recently tested the #7202 Konus SightPro-PTS1, a 3x32 compact scope with a four-color range finding reticle. It proved to be an accurate and rugged package for steering a patrol carbine. 

The PTS1 is a prismatic optic, which explains its reduced overall length. Its 13mm exit pupil gives it superior reduced light capabilities. 

For the officer who uses the carbine to bridge the gap between handgun and bolt gun ranges, this is a slick setup. 

Four Colors and 3X Magnification
The PTS1’soversized knobs on its integral base create a solid mounting system. It is waterproof, fog-proof and shock-proof. The rear focus ring is quick and the main switch is tactile and silent. The front lens is recessed in the tube enough to protect from the roughing up it will likely get on patrol. I would have liked the eyepiece lens to have the same recess. 

The PTS1 has 1/4 MOA adjustments. Sighting it in, I started at 25, then confirmed at 100, using an upper/ammo combination whose accuracy has been proven. I used DT Tactical 55gr FMJ-BT in my tack driver — an MMC Armory Tactical Upper 14.7. 

The PTS1 uses a single 2032 cell to illuminate the center portion of the engraved reticle. I thought having blue, red, green, and black for reticles was excessive until I started ranging targets at dusk past 50 yards. The rotary switch is mounted on the very top of the scope. 

Since there is an “off” in between colors on the rotary switch, the officer can set it between two adjacent colors. In my case, I set it between red and blue. The officer covering the interior of the car during a traffic stop could quickly transition to a building search color.

For those wondering if a 3x optic can be used for close quarters, the answer is “yes.” 

First, I always recommend a backup iron co-witness set or an offset transition set. I’m talking about the iron sights that three-gun users use when they cant the carbine. For this I recommend the Dueck Defense RTS sight. 

Second, if this is on a carbine that is routinely used on an entry team, use a non-magnified tool like the Konus SightPro Atomic QR. However, the PTS1 can be used for occasional short distance applications. 

Balancing Long Reach and Good Field of View
My eye picked up the reticle seamlessly, going from looking over to looking through the scope. It has a fairly generous 4.5 inch eye relief and field of view (36.6 feet at 100 yards) for a magnified optic. While it’s not quite as versatile as a non-magnified optic, the tradeoff is a longer reach. 

The PTS1 glass has fairly good contrast. Typical of Konus coatings, it has a subtle green tint, which generally will draw out the visual acuity of the human eye and reduce glare and haze.

I mounted the PTS1, shot a few rounds, then dismounted it. I ran the reticle around a bit, then returned to my zero. I left the reticle burning overnight andit never burned out. 

I shot it in the rain, which was a rare treat in desert-like California. The coatings did a good job avoiding water spots. The PTS1 did not fatigue my eye during long sessions. Looking toward the sun, it didn't flare the center of the view. The edge-to-edge image quality was moderate, not exceptional, and it rendered fairly true colors during most parts of the day. The tube didn’t produce any interior reflections. 

The reticle was consistent when one went from one color to another. Believe it or not, this is often the problem with optics that use multi-light sources for different colors. Konus has done a great job with their engraved reticle. 

I did not test this scope with a mounted thermal optic, but the fact that it is fixed power (and focal plane is not an issue) will allow it to be used in conjunction with many other products. 

Konus has a lifetime replacement warranty and a customer service reputation that reflects their quality commitment, and is an excellent choice for the law enforcement carbine.

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