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American Technologies Network Corp. Odin-W Thermal Monocular Weapon Sight Kits Now Available

The Odin Thermal Imaging System, smallest on the market, now weapon and head mountable.

South San Francisco, Calif. –American Technologies Network Corp., makers of military, law enforcement, security and outdoor night vision and thermal applications, introduced the  Odin-14 Thermal Monocular as one of the smallest thermal imaging monocular system currently on the market today earlier this year. Now, by using the ATN accessory weapon rail interface adaptor, the Odin-W can be rail mounted to a light caliber weapon such as a M16 or M4. The new kit also includes the hardware to mount the Odin on a head mount adaptor for hand free viewing. The Odin Weapon Sight Kit contains the Odin Thermal Monocular with a head mount adaptor and weapon mount, head strap, eyecup and ring, an objective lens cap, demist shield, one CR123A type battery, lens tissue and operator manual all in a soft carry case.  

The Odin-W, which is the same compact size of the popular PVS14, features an icon-based menu system with color modes and black/white polarity. The ergonomic design has mil-spec optics with an 800x600 OLED display and VOx Vanadium Oxide Detector. The Odin-W also has E-Zoom and a video output feature.  Made in the USA, the Odin-W is available in models:

• Odin-31CW/31DW with 320x240 resolution and 1x magnification (2x, 4x E-Zoom) MSRP $6,199.00
• Odin-32CW/32DW with 320x240 resolution and 2x magnification (4x, 8x E-Zoom) MSRP $7,699.00
• Odin-6WBW with 640x480 resolution and 0.5x magnification (1x, 2x, 4x E-Zoom)MSRP $10,199.00
• Odin-61BW with 640x480 resolution and 1x magnification (2x, 4x, 8x E-Zoom) MSRP $11,699.0 

    For more information on American Technologies Network Corp, visit www.atncorp.com. Visit Facebook to stay up to date on new products, images and promotions.

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