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American Technologies Network (ATN) Introduces IKE, the Interactive Kiosk Experience

American Technologies Network (ATN) Introduces IKE, the Interactive Kiosk Experience

ATN's Retailer Kiosks, IKE® and IKE® jr. give sales staff the selling support and customers the total interactive experience in exploring night vision and thermal imaging digital optics.

South San Francisco, CA - American Technologies Network Corp. (ATN), makers of cutting-edge digital night vision and thermal applications, introduce the advanced, interactive sales kiosk for night vision and thermal imaging retailers: the IKE® and IKE® jr.
The stand-alone kiosk unit acts as a resource for retailer sales staff, providing them with the space to display the latest ATN gear, a 13-inch touchscreen tablet with the ATN Product Selection Wizard, an area for promotional info or monthly retailer specials and product support cards listing key selling points on ATN night vision and thermal imaging digital products. The IKE® also comes with an LCD TV with ATN promotional videos highlighting the products' technologies. The entire kiosk features eye-grabbing graphics with colorful, informative imagery. Retailers can purchase the IKE® unit for $1,500.00, or if purchasing $12,000.00 in ATN products, IKE® is free, plus these extra bonuses:

• 10% additional discount off current cost
• No limit on quantity or order amount
• Retailer selects the product mix
• No staggered delivery

IKE® jr, gives retailers all the same display characteristics except for the LCD TV. It can be purchased for $750.00, or for $6,000.00 in product purchases with the same above benefits. ATN also has product stands and banners available for retailers to display ATN product.  ATN's logo'd items are also available to retailers to sell at their retail locations, including T-shirts and baseball caps.

To find out how to qualify as an ATN retailer or get more info on how to welcome IKE® into your store, contact ATN at 800-910-2862.

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