PDS releasing K2 and K-series rifles SMGs

New gas-piston operated rifles and SMGs are available for Law Enforcement and Government sales through Precision Delivery Systems. Manufactured in South Korea by S&T (formerly Daewoo Precision), these firearms are used by special forces units in Korea and many other nations around the world.

The K2C is a compact 5.56mm rifle with a 12.5" barrel, featuring a folding/collapsible stock, greatly suited for tactical teams.

The legendary K2 is a full sized service rifle designed to replace the M16. It is slightly more compact than the M16, and is easy to deploy from inside a squad car or a building due to its folding stock.

the K7SD is a blowback operated 9mm SMG with an integrated supressor. The K7SD boasts an extremely high cyclic rate and a four-way selector, which allows for very efficient use of three round burst fire mode. The supressor is known to be extremely efficient.

The K-series rifles are known to be the most reliable firearms in the world. They feature top-level performance and bulletproof reliability without the immence premium of other firearms in its class.

For more information and demo shoots, please contact PDS Rifles.


Tel: 407-603-6234<br>Fax: 321-445-4257


(PDS Rifles and Precision Delivery Systems are brand names of Multi-Coastal Enterprises, LLC)

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