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5 Best Guns from SHOT Show 2014

There were a ton of debuts, some reinventions, and a lot of powerful firearms on display, and by the end of the week, narrowing the list down to 5 was easier said than done. Nonetheless, we chose these guns as the best of the SHOT Show for a variety of reasons, not the least of which was the answer to this question: Would we buy it?

Winchester 1873 Short Rifle Case Hardened

Even with all of the modern technology dominating SHOT Show 2014 firearm construction, we still couldn’t help but drool over “The gun that won the West,” the Winchester Model ’73 Short Rifle. The lever action rifle takes inspiration from the original, with a walnut grip stock and a steel loading gate for easy loading. A new firing pin and striker block add safety features they didn’t have 140 years ago, but you’ll still feel like you’re holding an original, thanks to the classic look of the top tang and hammer, recognizable for anyone who knows their guns.

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