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Reveal Media Comments on Front Page Article in The Times, UK

Morrisville, N. C. - Sean O’Neill, crime editor for The Times, UK, covers the recent statement from former UK shadow home secretary David Davis: “It’s time to make them wear a camera on duty”.

Mr. Davis has said that there needs to be a fundamental change in Police conduct and culture. “Body worn camera technology” reports O’Neill “which is already being tested by some forces, could help to drive that change by making officers think about how they conduct themselves in public.”

The newly established College of Policing will be starting a trial with up to five forces, whilst also critiquing the Rialto study looking at the effects of body worn video, conducted in California earlier this year.

Alex Marshall, the chief executive of the College added “We see these trials as also beneficial in reducing Police use of force and public complaints against police.

”Alasdair Field, CEO of Reveal Media, said in response to the news article “The field of body worn cameras is more mature than some people realise, police forces have been using equipment like this since 2007. Reveal Media have over 1000 cameras operating in Thames Valley, Hampshire and Staffordshire Police forces, UK, alone.

“Body worn video is being used now to some degree in the majority of police forces in the UK, it is beyond the trial stages and has become “business as usual” for a number of forces.

“Awareness for body worn video like this is great, however, we need to point out that when the inspiration for cameras is to police the police, as in the recent NY experience, it can create a negative backlash from officers.

“It is a shame that the many positive reasons for using the cameras, such as reduced complaints against offices, reduced crime, higher guilty pleas, higher conviction rates and the resultant savings in costs have not been highlighted. The cameras are an independent witnesses for Police officers as well as the public”.

About Reveal Media
Reveal Media is a leading provider of body worn video camera solutions. Capturing evidence from a first person perspective, this technology has a proven and major impact on reducing levels of crime, abuse and anti-social behavior, as well as delivering significant cost and operational efficiencies to organizations deploying it. 

Reveal Media has been providing complete body worn camera solutions since 2006, and currently supplies body worn cameras and accompanying software to clients in twenty three countries and is rapidly expanding its international activities with three global offices now in operation.

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