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Superb emergency response to I-35W bridge collapse demonstrates importance of disaster planning and training


MINNEAPOLIS, Oct. 23 — The fast, professional response by law enforcement, fire, and medical personnel when the I-35W bridge collapsed is a reminder for the Minnesota business community of the importance of planning for and training employees on what to do in emergency situations, says Michael Vinje, PMP, co-founder of Trissential, a management consulting company specializing in business improvement.

Last spring, Trissential organized a business continuity specialty area to offer businesses expertise in surviving catastrophic occurrences. The formation of the specialty area followed a client engagement during which Trissential assisted a Fortune 100 company in the preparation of two continuity plans -- one for successful operations following an act of bio-terrorism and the other for maintaining operations during a pandemic. "When I saw our client's employees performing effectively during a surprise simulation, I understood at a gut level that preparedness is essential," said Vinje. "That was proven beyond doubt when a highly integrated city and county rescue effort sprang into action within minutes of the I-35W bridge collapse. That response did not happen by wishing or luck. It was the direct result of planning and training. It saved lives."

Trissential is available to meet with business leaders in Minnesota and Wisconsin to discuss continuity preparation: strategic analysis, prioritization, solution design, implementation, testing, training, and maintenance. For more information, please write info@trissential.com or call 952-595-7970.

About Trissential
Trissential, http://www.trissential.com/, specializes in business improvement and IT project implementation. Trissential essentialists help companies achieve desired results through the alignment of strategy with efficient management and exceptional IT project implementation. Trissential, with offices in Minneapolis and Milwaukee, develops Projecy(C) brand project-management maturity tools.

Source: Trissential

Michael Vinje of Trissential, +1-952-595-7970; or Steve
Sterling of Sterling Public Relations, +1-952-935-0078, for Trissential

Web site: http://www.trissential.com/

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