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Range Hailer Wireless Communications System to Enhance Firearms Instructors and Crisis Response Team Staff Communications

Whether you are Firearms Instructor training students on the range, a Hostage/Crisis Negotiation Team Member attempting to establish initial communications with a barricaded subject, or a Tactical Team Commander that needs to address a large, unruly group during riot situation, it is critical that your message be heard loudly and clearly. To help accomplish these missions and more, Enforcement Technology Group, Inc. (ETGI) is pleased to introduce the Range Hailer™ Wireless Communications System.

Range Hailer Wireless Communications System Features:

  1. Audible in Loud/Noisy Environments: Each Range Hailer™ features a fully adjustable volume control dial that can produce up to a powerful, 18 watt audio output.
  2. ~1,000 ft. Wireless Operating Range: Delivered with a pocket-sized wireless transmitter pack, a collar, and a lapel mic for “hands-free” wireless communications to distances of ~ 1,000 ft.
  3. Compact & Portable: Entire system weighs ~ 15 lbs. and is delivered with a rolling transport/storage case for quick and easy set-up and transport
  4. Modular Design for Customized Apps: Range Hailers can be easily removed from the tripod platform to broadcast audio to multiple locations.
  5. Multiple & Independent Operations: Audio can be transmitted through up to (3) Range Hailers simultaneously or independently through the use of an additional transmitter or an external audio player.
  6. Audio Recording & Playback Features: Audio transmitted over the Range Hailer™ System can be recorded for training validation, reference, evidence, and liability purposes.


The Range Hailer™ Wireless Communications System is delivered with a height adjustable tripod and customized platform that is capable of supporting (3) Range Hailer’s simultaneously.

The left and right platform slots feature a swivel base which allows Range Hailers to be rotated and locked into position at multiple angles relative to the tripod base.

Each Range Hailer™ is powered by (9) rechargeable batteries. When fully charged these batteries can power a Range Hailer™ for ~3.5 hours. For unlimited operating time, the Range Hailer™ System is delivered with a Tri-bank A/C Charger Pack. The Tri-bank A/C Charger Pack allows up to (3) Range Hailers to be recharged and/or powered from an external power supply to achieve an unlimited operating time!

For complete specifications and pricing information, please visit www.etgi.us.

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