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Texas Southern University to Implement MIR3 Emergency Notification Platform

MIR3’s Solution Reliability and Reputation Solidifies Contract Win

SAN DIEGO – MIR3™, the leader in Intelligent Notification (IN®) solutions for global enterprises, today announced that Texas Southern University (TSU) has awarded the company a contract to be the official emergency notification platform for its campus located in Houston, Texas. TSU joins the long list of colleges and universities that have signed with MIR3 in the last 12 months, which is evidence of the burgeoning need to help keep campuses safe during times of crisis.

Higher education institutions place a high value on MIR3’s multi-modal notification approach, which enables simultaneous use of several types of communication devices to alert and instruct employees, first-responders, students, and customers during an emergency.

Multi-modal communication is particularly important within a student population. Recent events involving on-campus tragedies make it a necessity for schools nationwide to be able to communicate with students, parents and faculty immediately -- alerting them of dangerous situations or changes in procedure at a moment’s notice.

MIR3’s inCampusAlert™ enables organizations to reach thousands of contacts in seconds with time-critical information in the event of an emergency. Messages are delivered via cellular and landline phones, Short Message String (SMS) devices, e-mail, fax and pagers. Notifications can be sent via the Internet, dual-tone multi-frequency,(DTMF) phones, e-mail or by calling MIR3’s 24/7/365 support center. MIR3’s notification capabilities are also used for routine high-volume messaging and all-purpose broadcasting, such as administrative notices to employees, messages for coordinating staffing and schedules or delivering important, auditable information to customers.

Additionally, with the masses who own cellular telephones, MIR3’s system is the only notification system on the market today which allows for true two-way text messaging, real-time reports and integrated incident management – critical features when an organization needs to quickly mobilize first-responders and officials during crises. The cost of implementing this system pales in comparison to the peace of mind we gain knowing we can potentially keep our students and staff safe from harm.

About MIR3
MIR3, a privately held San Diego based company, is the leading Intelligent Notification Global Enterprise Platform. MIR3 provides two-way notification communication suitable for any industry, business or operation. The highly flexible solutions have become the optimum choice for the majority of the Fortune 100, more than 100 esteemed colleges and universities, and numerous local, state and federal agencies.

MIR3 Intelligent Notification (IN®) platform, combined with TelAlert’s family of products, provides a unique and superior market solution, based on leading IT and BC notification technologies. Both products direct the dissemination of time urgent information to and from any communication device across any medium including email, landline, mobile phone, SMS, pager, PDA, satellite phone, TTY, and fax.

IN is a registered mark of MIR3, Inc. MIR3, MIR3 and inCampusAlert are trademarks of MIR3, Inc. All other trademarks are property of their respective owners.

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