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Jadoo Power Receives Patent for a Forced Air Fuel Cell Power System

Jadoo Power Systems

The patent addresses many configurations of Jadoo Power’s open cathode forced airflow design, which provides an air-cooled power system that is compatible with a wide range of fuels due to its built in pressure regulation. The internal hydrogen reservoir allows for hot-swappablity without interruption in operation.

Jadoo Power’s fuel cell system architecture meets customer expectations for off-grid electrical power generation. Battery chargers, emergency back-up power supplies and military mission-critical processes require high quality, rechargeable and reliable power when grid power is not available. Jadoo Power’s fuel cell power system meets these demands with a clean-running and quiet power solution.

“This patent is one of many power system design configurations we have made over the years to provide real world operational advantages to meet our customers’ needs. We continue to make innovations to our power system technology as advancements in the industry deliver new materials to reduce size, improve efficiencies and provide paths for cost reduction,” states Mack W. Knobbe, Jadoo Power’s Vice President of Engineering.

Fuel cell stacks incorporate an anode end for splitting hydrogen atoms into electrons and protons, a current bearing portion providing a pathway for the electrons, a medium such as a proton exchange membrane (PEM), and a cathode for rejoining electrons and protons into water molecules. With the addition of a fuel, a fuel cell power system can generate electricity over a longer time period than conventional batteries. Clean running and quiet, a Jadoo Power fuel cell power system delivers electricity on demand when and where it is needed most.

Details of the patent can be found at the US Patent Office online: http://www.uspto.gov Patent No.: US 2008/008915 A1

About Jadoo Power
Jadoo Power is an industry leader in fuel cell technology and hybrid alternative power systems. Founded in 2001, Jadoo Power is grounded in technical expertise, product development and strategic partnerships. They deliver best-in-class hybrid fuel cell power solutions to commercial, business and military customers. Jadoo Power’s industry strengths include hybrid power systems and fuel solutions. They continue to lead the market in balance of plant technology, hold patents in fuel management and power systems and continue their advancements in better fuels, storage and fuel delivery, critical components of the hydrogen economy. For more information on Jadoo Power please visit their website at http://www.jadoopower.com/

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