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Silver Eagle Manufacturing Introduces Mobile Crowd Control Barrier

Portland, Oregon (10/20/09) —Silver Eagle Manufacturing is introducing a Mobile Crowd Control Barrier, a fast, effective crowd control barrier that deploys directly from its own SUV-transportable trailer. It takes just four minutes for two police officers to erect a 44-foot wide 8.2-foot high full protection blockade.

“This barrier really saves department resources by decreasing equipment and overtime costs. It’s large enough to block an entire city street without the use of cars and with minimal personnel,” said Mike Dorman, Vice President of Business Development for Silver Eagle. “The Mobile Barrier frees up resources, allowing them to be used in areas of greatest need, rather than just for crowd control.”

Constructed from a series of sliding, aluminum-clad walls, the barrier can create multiple configurations to move crowds around objects, create a blockade or cordon off areas. Tactical teams, police agencies, riot control, event promoters and crime scene managers could all benefit from the Silver Eagle Mobile Barrier.

“The Mobile Barrier helps keep police safe during crowd control activities,” Dorman adds. “It deploys faster than standard fencing or other makeshift barriers, and anti-scaling overhangs actually protect officers on the other side of the barrier.” Viewing windows allow for crowd surveillance or can be used as weapons hatches.

Transportable by standard police SUVs, the barrier installs from and stores on its own trailer, so no additional transport trailers or loading time is necessary before deployment.

View the Mobile Crowd Control Barrier in action by following this link to YouTube: www.youtube.com/watch?v=bRzwXCwI3gg

About Silver Eagle Manufacturing
Silver Eagle Manufacturing, based in Portland, Oregon, is a key supplier of light tactical trailers for the United States Armed forces. The company's commitment to quality has earned it the important MIL-I-45208A status. Visit our web site at www.SilverEagleMfg.com.

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