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White Paper: How Secure Pocket Drive Can Help Prevent Data Theft

Mitigating Endpoint Threats to Information Assets


Information belonging to government and private organizations faces ever-increasing threats from network endpoints. Some are direct, while others are subtle and hidden. This paper deals with these threats and shows how the SPYRUS Secure Pocket Drive can mitigate them in a network setting.

We can group these threats under the term exfiltration, which is, in many ways, a new name for an old problem. Exfiltration is a form of unauthorized disclosure or leakage of sensitive information assets that is difficult to detect by the victim. Sophisticated hackers use a creative combination of threat technologies to access and download confidential information when sufficiently motivated.

The consistent and growing need for secure remote access while teleworking creates many more endpoints that can be used to launch an attack against corporate or government data assets. These endpoints must be treated as hostile environments, and we seek to address the threat scenarios and mitigation of them in this paper.

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