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Case Study: Owning the real estate with your eyes before paying for it with your body

By ReconRobotics

One of the fastest growing cities north of the U.S. border is Barrie in southern Ontario. In the last five years, the city has added nearly 20,000 residents to reach a total population of 150,000. To meet the demands of its robust population growth, the city even annexed 2000 acres from a neighboring town in 2010.

Sergeant Rich Johnston has been with the Barrie Police Service since 1998 and his responsibilities have evolved in step with the growth of its Tactical Support Unit (TSU). The TSU was established in 1999 as a base level or containmentlevel unit. With additional training, it became a tactical level team and, in 2006, achieved status as a full-time team with hostage rescue capability.

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How Camcode helps law enforcement agencies track firearms

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