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Mass. cops to carry new, standardized IDs

Unique IDs make it hard to tell what a real one should look like

By PoliceOne Staff

Police in Massachusetts are combatting police impersonators with new ID cards that make it easy to identify the authenticity of an officer.

Previously, each department across the state had its own unique ID, making it difficult to tell what a real one should look like, NECN reported.

“Anyone could use an off-the-shelf printer to make an ID,” Deputy Chief William Brooks said. “Security officers don't know what to look for.”

The Massachusetts Chiefs of Police Association said the IDs also include an optical device — similar to those on drivers' licenses — and a ghost image in the corner with overlapping data, according to a press release.  Anti-counterfeiting technology from Billerica-based firm MorphoTrust  ensures the security of the cards, which can be tracked with a serial number if lost or stolen.

Joseph Rebello, president of the Massachusetts Chiefs of Police Association, said the new IDss will heighten security during emergencies.

“This is a good thing,” says Rebello. “In case of a major event when we bring in resources, we will know they are the correct resources.”

Currently, 13,000 law enforcement officials have been  using the cards. Police said they expect to see the system expand.

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