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Maximize Use of Your PDA Camera

One of the most useful accessories to be added to PDAs is the PDA camera. Whether the camera is an attachment/module or it''s an integral part of the PDA, such as the Sony Clie` and other models the list of ideas for using the PDA Camera continue to grow.


Many PDA professionals have discovered new ways to enjoy their PDA Camera. Whether used on trips around the country or just around the neighborhood, having a PDA Camera allows them to take advantage of many photo opportunities.

- Outdoors: Most people venture into the great outdoors to seek solitude, peace or solace. Capture the splendor of nature while camping, biking and hiking. By adding a few comments to the photo and saving it to the PDA the moment can be memorialize and make the memory truly memorable.

- Art: Whether painting or drawing is your passion or just a hobby, why not take the PDA advantage and click off a few scenes or situations you can later review and put to canvass. Capturing the perfect sunset in a digital format and then painting or drawing it with the image as a guide, will help return you to the moment, long after the moment has passed.

- Shutterbug: How often have we wished we had a camera to take a picture of friends, family and others? When following the commitment to keep the PDA with you always the time, the chances of catching those memorable moments is significantly increased: the ice sculpture at the party; the sand castle at the shore; the flower arrangement at a friends'' home. Most people don''t generally carry a camera with them, but the PDA Professional is not like most people. They would have their accessories readily handy in case of just such an opportunity.

- Vacation: Unless you''re a frequent visitor to resort sites, theme parks, tropical islands and other vacation paradises, the opportunity to catch those special moments might be fleeting. Capture them with the PDA Camera.

- Shopping: Looking for the perfect gift, but unsure if it will fit with their decor, or color scheme? Use the PDA Camera. Visit antique stores and compare the same items in different stores. Comparison-shopping will help get the best pieces at the best prices.


Other PDA Professionals have found ways to employ their PDA Camera to improve their professional situation. Some areas ideal for the PDA Camera include:

- Claims Adjuster: A claims adjuster needing only verify or validate the damage sustained to the insurers vehicle can quickly capture digital images and electronically forwarded to the home office.

- Property Clerk: Whether there are twenty or two hundred pieces of property in the business, ultimately someone is signed for them. This task normally falls to the property clerk or someone assigned similar duties. While conducting inventories, a quick photograph of the property to establish its location and condition, will assist in maintaining accountability and serviceability. Further, in the event of a loss, the photographs will aid investigators in the search, recovery or replacement of the items.

- Real Estate: The old adage that a picture is worth a thousand words can never be truer than in the real estate business. Especially when dealing with customers from long distance. Once a home comes on the market, it is the savvy realtor who is able to show the customer what to expect, before investing their time in actually visiting the site. Moreover, if the first location the customer visits isn''t exactly what they are looking for, the realtor can display up to date photos of other similar properties.

- Contract Estimators: While many contractors have their work generated by one of the most powerful mediums available, word of mouth, the quality of the work they can offer is not always adequately depicted. A before and after portfolio showcasing their best work will get the point by giving the customer a preview of the quality of the work they can expect. This would especially be useful in landscaping, remodeling, and renovation, but would probably be less effective for service related repair estimates.

- Auto Repairs: For those involved in the auto repair industry, nothing speaks more plaintively to customers then previous successful before and after photographs. When their vehicle comes into the facility broken, dented, scratched and damaged and leaves it having been returned to its former quality, the word of mouth connection chain is sounded loud and clear.

- Investigators: Whether Private Investigators or government law enforcement, the uses for a PDA Camera can never be overstated. Crime scenes, arson investigations, damage or destruction of property inquiries can all be aided by the use of the PDA. As long as the investigator recognizes that photographs obtained with a PDA Camera should be used for documentary not evidentiary purposes, the PDA Camera will become an invaluable tool.

One of the biggest drawbacks to using a PDA Camera is the unrealistic expectation that it will deliver the same high quality digital image generated by a conventional digital camera. While PDA Cameras continue to improve in quality, their primary contribution is their immediate availability, combined with instant results. If a digital camera were as conveniently available as it could easily outperform a PDA Camera.

Most PDA Cameras can beam images to other PDA users after taking the photo. This instant ability to share photos provides a level of mobility not yet available with most conventional digital cameras. In the not too distant future, PDA Professionals will be able to beam digital images directly to a printer bolstering a term made popular in the late 1970''s WYSWYG (What You See is What You Get).

The PDA Camera is one accessory that can make the PDA Professional truly mobile.

Eugene Matthews

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