Fresno Rapist Nabbed through FACES Composite

In the spring of 2003 the Fresno County Sheriff''s Department faced a difficult investigation. They had seven reported incidents of rape involving prostitutes, but the victims were reluctant to cooperate with police in identifying the suspect.

Finally, one of the victims agreed to come forward and work with Detective Jeff Kertson who was using FACES composite technology for the first time in an interview. The composite they created was distributed to the Sheriff''s and Police patrol units. Within two days a man was apprehended and charged with several counts of kidnap and rape.

"FACES was one of the key factors in solving these crimes," said Detective Kertson. "We had a general description of the suspect and car. With the help of FACES we were able to put a face to the suspect description. This along with communication between allied agencies was directly responsible for his arrest."

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