The Advantages of Broadcast Microwave System's COFDM

Broadcast Microwave Systems

Broadcast Microwave System''s new digital products uses 4:2:2/4:2:0 MPEG 2 encoding to digitize and compress the signal and the DVB-T 2K carrier mode to modulate a very stable microwave carrier. The signal is demodulated back to either video, ASI or SDI at the receive end.

Here are some of the advantages of using Broadcast Microwave Systems''s COFDM:

  • Reduced occupied RF bandwidth (6-8 MHz compared to 17MHz for FM)

  • Resistant to multipath (Signal reflections become additive through digital signal processing)

  • Robust signal in difficult RF environments (Because of DSP above, reliable non-line-of-sight transmission possible)

  • Provides a constant, quality signal (Digitized video remains noise free until the signal is lost)

  • Scalable performance (Selecting different transmission modes allows trade offs between signal reliability and transmission delays)

    Broadcast Microwave Systems

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