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Using Short Range Video Downlinks from a Law Enforcement Helicopter

The Application of Short Range Video Downlinks from a Law Enforcement Helicopter

The Short Range Microwave System provides live video from an aircraft to ground personnel up to 5 miles away. The receivers are typically portable so that they can be taken out to the scene of an incident and used where the action is. Short Range Systems use Omnidirectional antennas at the receive site. Omnidirectional antennas do not require pointing so neither the aircraft or ground personnel have to worry about pointing an antenna. This is the simplest microwave system and its range is limited up to approximately 5 miles.

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e TAA-101 Omni Helicopter System is a dependable, low-cost news and information gathering system designed for live television broadcast and/or surveillance applications. The skid-mounted system employs a 6dB omni directional antenna providing 360° azimuth coverage and a greater the 40 mile range. When equipped with the BMT 75 Series transmitter, the system provides the user with a reliable, lightweight helicopter news and surveillance system.

The Omni Helicopter System is the transmit side of the short and medium range microwave systems. The basic airborne package includes a microwave transmitter, Omidirectional Antenna, control panel, and interconnect cables. Optional equipment includes, TAA-101 skid mounted Omni Actuator mechanism, GPS telemetry formatter, and video encryption.

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The SKYLink Receiver is a Hand Held Microwave Receive site. Completely self contained this small hand held package is designed to go out in the field, to be carried away from the car. With a 2 hr. battery it is designed to be at the scene of an incident and provide live video that is being downlinked from an aircraft.

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The Suitcase Receiver is a fully self-contained microwave receive site in a briefcase. It contains batteries, a microwave receiver, an Omni directional Antenna, an 11.3" or 5.6" color LCD monitor, a second video output that can be hooked up to a large external monitor, and a battery charger. Optional equipment includes video decryption, Hi-8 tape deck and numerous higher gain antennas that replace the omni antenna. This unit is designed to be stored in the vehicle and taken to the incident. Downlinked video can be viewed on the self-contained monitor or cabled over to a larger external monitor.


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