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ITI Training - Your Place or Ours?

Did you know that Information Technologies, Inc offers on-site training and installation for all of our software regardless of your location? There are a number of advantages to training on-site with an agency. However, one of the most exciting aspects for many of our agencies is the speed with which they can deploy their new software solution.

We recently visited the Yurok Tribal Police in Klamath, California. In just three days we installed the software, set up their laptops and workstations, and conducted one system administrator class and two user training classes prior to the agency going live with ITI’s software on the third day of my visit.

Klamath is a small, friendly town on the Pacific surrounded by beautiful natural sights, just south of the Oregon state line. A ten-minute drive north will land you in the Redwood National Forest and a five-minute drive west provides an amazing vista of California’s second largest river, the Klamath, as it empties into the Pacific. A variety of different whales can be seen during their northern and southern migrations; some of them even take a break in the Klamath River before continuing their long journeys.

However, this untouched, natural beauty comes at a price; travel is extremely time-consuming. The closest airport is an hour south of Klamath in Eureka. In order for the staff of the Yurok Tribal Police to receive training in St. Louis, they would have spent two very long days traveling, visited four separate airports, and traveled on two different airlines. In addition to the time exhausted, travel costs for so many personnel can become quite expensive.

Instead, ITI collaborated with Chief Mike Ross to arrange a three-day on-site visit from ITI. During the visit, we completed the software installation and on-site training for the chief, all of the tribe’s officers and staff and a representative from the tribe’s MIS department. By conducting training on-site, we were able to work directly with the administrators of the software and the end-users. This provided for a very effective learning environment because the officers were able to ask questions and complete case studies based on their experiences.

Training the administrators alongside the officers also proved to be advantageous because they learned the best way to configure ITI’s software to meet the needs of their agency and their unique community.

While on-site services such as this are not free, it can be very cost effective, even less expensive than traditional training performed at ITI when considering the big picture. While onsite, ITI technical support specialists are able to provide agency-specific recommendations, tips, training, and network and hardware configuration. Our goal is to help ensure that your software and network are optimally configured and that your end users will all be trained to the highest possible degree.

This type of training and installation is available for all ITI clients. Give us a call at 800.814.4843 or send us an email at sales@itiusa.com to schedule an on-site visit or to find out more about how this can benefit your agency.

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