SHOT Show 2016: SPOT releases low-profile device for asset tracking

The SPOT Trace can be placed on a vehicle, ATV, motorcycle, or other precious cargo

SPOT came out years ago with the personal satellite messenger which combined GPS with the ability to send out a preprogrammed SMS or email message to friends and family along with your location on Google Maps.

Their asset tracker, the SPOT Trace, is a very small and inconspicuous device that you can place on a vehicle, ATV, motorcycle, or other precious cargo. If the item starts to move, the unit comes on and sends a signal that something is amiss and then continuously tracks the asset. I can think of numerous uses for this handy device in addition to the regular SPOT units which I have been using for a number of years. Subscription is $99 a year for the tracking service. For more information, visit SPOT's website.

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Ron Avery is President and Director of Training for The Practical Shooting Academy, Inc. and Executive Director of the non-profit, Rocky Mountain Tactical Institute - both training institutions dedicated to professional firearms and tactics courses, higher police standards and training and use of force research. Train with Ron Avery. Visit his Course Calendar. Ron is a former police officer with many years of street experience, which he brings into the training environment. He is internationally recognized as a researcher, firearms trainer and world class shooter. His training methodology is currently being used by hundreds of agencies and thousands of individuals across the US and internationally. Ron has worked as a consultant and trainer for top level federal agencies, special operations military from all branches of the armed forces and law enforcement agencies across the US. He is a weapons and tactics trainer for handgun, carbine, select fire, precision rifle and shotgun, as well as advanced instructor schools, defensive tactics, team skills and tactics, low light tactics, arrest and control and officer survival. Contact Ron Avery

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