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Announcing ShadowOps, a New GPS Tracking Company Owned and Operated in Part by Active Law Enforcement

St. Louis, Missouri, - ShadowOps GPS Tracking Solutions is a Missouri based GPS tracking company owned and operated in part by active law enforcement.

ShadowOps is setting the standard in GPS Tracking for Law Enforcement
with law enforcement specific features, superior real world experience, and technology that is second to none in performance, versatility and ease of use. 

ShadowOps products have been designed; field tested, and packaged specifically for law enforcement applications.  Because ShadowOps knows typical government purchasing processes can be difficult and time consuming so they have made it easier by cutting out middle men, not selling to distributors and allowing the agency to buy direct without going to bid.  ShadowOps also partners with grant organizations to assist agencies with funding for purchases.

All ShadowOps products are sold as a “Total Package Solution” with all options, accessories and batteries included so the client gets what they need with the initial purchase without hidden fees.

ShadowOps is also the first in the business to offer Law Enforcement Officers a Hardware Assurance Plan that protect the agency from lost or damaged tracking devices by providing a 48 Hour in-hand replacement.  No more worrying about the repercussions of losing a tracking system that could have cost thousands of dollars.

ShadowOps star product “The TAGv1” is one of the smallest GPS Tracking Systems in the world and offers government quality performance and reliability making it an ideal choice for covert Slap and Track applications, Witness/Agent Safety and Bait Operations.  ShadowOps offers the Ultimate GPS Tracking Experience created for law enforcement, by law enforcement.

The TAGv1 comes standard with:

•    Unlimited Wireless Service (No Overage or Hidden Fee’s)
•    Unlimited Access to the iMAP Online Tracking Interface (No Software)
•    Unlimited Tracking for the AT&T iPhone and Verizon Droid
•    Unlimited Interface Training (24/7 Telephone, IM, Email)
•    Unlimited 24/7 Technical Support (Live English Speaking Operator)
•    Unlimited Possibilities

 ShadowOps – Technology beyond the shadow of a doubt..

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A hidden device can catch thieves in the act

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