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ShadowOps GPS Tracking Solutions Announces Partnership with Quest Guard Offender Tracking and Monitoring Services

ShadowOps GPS Tracking Solutions a Missouri based GPS tracking company announces its new partnership with Quest Guard LLC a world leader if offender tracking and monitoring services. Through this new strategic partnership ShadowOps now offers the GOT-U Offender Tracking System.

ShadowOps is setting the standard in GPS Tracking through superior real world experience and technology that is second to none in performance, versatility and ease of use. Now with the incorporation of The Quest Guard “Got-U” Offender Tracking system ShadowOps is now actively pursuing the growing offender tracking market.

The GOT-U 201 by Quest Guard is one of the smallest and most accurate one piece GPS monitoring devices in the industry. It utilizes GPS, GPRS, GSM, and SMS technology that provides active, continuous real time monitoring of offenders. The GOT-U utilizes a highly-sensitive GPS Sirf STAR III module augmented by GSM SIEMENS Quad Band modem and Assisted GPS services which provides extremely accurate location identification globally.


• Real Time Tracking
• Waterproof Design
• Compact Size: 2.8 (L) x 2.0(W) x 1.0 (H) in.
• 24 Hour Active Battery Life (Internal Battery)
• Strap Tamper Alert
• Low Battery Alert
• Geo-Fence Alert
• Schedule Violation Alert
• Device Buzzer, Vibration and LED Alert Notification
• Web Based Tracking Interface (No Software to Install)
• Unlimited Users
• Unlimited Wireless Coverage (No Minutes, or Overage Charges)
• Unlimited Interface Training
• 24/7 Technical Support (Live Operator)

ShadowOps – Technology beyond the shadow of a doubt..

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