ShadowOps GPS Revolutionizes the Industry with Free Hardware Assurance Protection for the TAGv1 GPS Tracking System.

ShadowOps GPS Tracking Solutions a Missouri based GPS tracking company announces it will now offer FREE Hardware Assurance Protection with all new 2 Year Service Plans.

ShadowOps is setting the standard in GPS Tracking through superior real world experience and technology that is second to none in performance, reliability and ease of use. Now with the incorporation of FREE Hardware Assurance Plans ShadowOps has once again revolutionized the industry by making GPS Tracking even more suitable for every day investigations.

ShadowOps Hardware Assurance Plan provides the user with peace of mind knowing that they can use the TAGv1 GPS Tracking system every day in all investigations without fear of loss making it the most efficient GPS Tracking system available for Law Enforcement applications.

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A hidden device can catch thieves in the act

A hidden device can catch thieves in the act

Bait technology is being used to thwart property crimes and build goodwill with the community

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