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TAG v2 GPS Smart Tracker Now the World’s Fastest and Longest Lasting Web Based GPS Tracking Solution

ShadowOps GPS Tracking Solutions a Missouri based GPS tracking company unveils the TAGv2 GPS Smart Tracker with 3 Second Real Time Reporting and 30 Day Battery life. The TAGv2 is was released to the Law Enforcement community earlier this month and after rigorous testing the TAG has proven to be the fastest, longest lasting and one of the smallest GPS Tracking Devices in the world today. 

Utilizing the ShadowOps iMAP Online Tracking Interface a Law Enforcement Officer can deploy the TAGv2 GPS Smart Tracking system and not only tail a suspect while staying out of harm’s way but also track for up to 30 Days on a single charge.

ShadowOps raises the bar with innovative tracking interface development and continuous product enhancements based on law enforcement specifications.

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A hidden device can catch thieves in the act

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