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ShadowOps Announces the Updated TAG v2 GPS Tracker

The ShadowOps TAG v2 is one of the world’s smallest GPS trackers and it has been specially designed for long battery operation time. It supports both SMS and GPRS data transmission and can be used in a variety of personal and law enforcement applications. With its small size the TAG v2 can be hidden within even the smallest of assets making it the best choice when you are looking for a long lasting reliable miniature tracking device.

The TAG v2 offers:

• Compact Design (1.7in x 2.5in x 1in)
• Built in Vibration Sensor
• 5 Second Real Time Update Interval
• 2-5 Meter Accuracy
• Motion Detection Alerts
• SOS Button
• Built in Flash Memory for Store and Forward
• 100% Data Delivery
• Unlimited Global GPS/GSM/GPRS Coverage
• Proprietary Multi-Network Smart Chip
• Unlimited 24/7 365 Technical Support
• Track from Any Online Computer, Android, or iPhone
• iMAP - Web Based Tracking Interface (No Software to Install)
• Unlimited Users

The TAG v2 comes with the following accessories:

o Crush Proof Case w/210 lb. Pull Force Magnetic Mount
o 18 Ah Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery Pack w/Smart Charger
o Belt Pouch
o 12v Vehicle Power Wire Harness
o Tamper Switch
o Carrying Case

The iMAP Online Tracking Interface and ShadowOps GPS Tracking devices operate based on GPS Location and GPRS Data Transmission processed through a secure web based interface and redundant dual-server configuration housed at a ShadowOps secure location.

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A hidden device can catch thieves in the act

A hidden device can catch thieves in the act

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