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ShadowOps Officially Releases “Hosted” Enterprise Edition GPS Tracking Interface with Agency Branding and Fully Customizable Feature Sets

ShadowOps GPS Tracking Solutions based in St. Louis Missouri has officially released a hosted version of their Enterprise Edition iMAP Online Tracking Interface used to track all ShadowOps GPS Tracking devices.

The iMAP Online Tracking Interface is an industry leading online tracking software platform that provides the user real time access to the location of GPS tagged assets anywhere in the world from any online computer, iPhone or Android mobile device.

Now with the addition of the “Hosted” version of the Enterprise iMAP Software an agency can utilize a Fully Customized and Agency Branded Online Tracking Interface without the need to download software or maintain an onsite server.

The iMAP provides tracking of:

• Criminal Investigation Slap and Track Devices
• Fleet Vehicles
• Aircraft
• Off Shore Vessels
• Personnel
• Undercover Operatives
• Bait Vehicles

ShadowOps dominates with innovative tracking interface development and continuous product enhancements based on law enforcement specifications.

ShadowOps – Technology beyond the shadow of doubt..

To view a demonstration of the iMAP Online Tracking Interface visit http://www.ShadowOpsGPS.com

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A hidden device can catch thieves in the act

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