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What Officers are Saying About SATaRE USA

Police Officer in Charlotte, NC 
"We deployed a bait vehicle wired with ip cameras this past weekend. Inside the vehicle was the tom tom and laptop.  A juvenile suspect entered the vehicle and stole both items. As a result of this operation we made 5 arrests. 

Both devices were recovered. The laptop was recovered immediately and the tom tom was thrown down in a deeply wooded/treed area. The ground was covered in thick ivy. I switched to rf instead of gps & located within 10 minutes!! The division captain was extremely pleased with the results."

Officer from south east england
Latter end of last week, Sussex Police put out the attached press release as below. As promised I am forwarding an update to you for onward distribution. I haven't publicised exactly which piece of equipment or which tracking company was used and which person was caught for obvious reasons. We have had success with yourselves where people have been arrested, houses searched, stolen property recovered and a drugs growing area closed down, people have been convicted in court and taken cautions. We still have 11 people on bail, the operation is still going strong.  Without your help this simply would not have happened - Thank you!


Car Thieves Beware
Almost 30 car thieves have been caught on cameras or as a direct result of 'bait' equipment being used by Chichester police in it's crackdown on theft.

Operation Castle has been running since last summer to target crime in hot spot areas. The 'bait' equipment used can take the form of bicycles, cars, trailers, sat navs, computers or televisions, which are rigged with cameras and/or tracking devices.

Inspector Chris Woollerton of the Neighbourhood Policing Team said: "This vehicle crime initiative has two main elements, prevention and enforcement. Various bait equipment has been deployed in areas where we know car and other thieves are operating and as a result 29 people have been arrested for taking these items. A total of 32 searches have taken place recovering over £13,000 of outstanding stolen property in addition to the recovery of the bait equipment. Offenders have been either cautioned or charged to appear at court and on one occasion we have caught the same person twice.

"Previous crime victims, from as far as Kent and Hampshire, have had property returned to them that had been outstanding for over two years. The victims have been both delighted and relieved as in some incidents insurance companies had not paid out."

However, Operation Castle is not all about enforcement, Chichester police have put signs up in these areas to prevent car crime and raise awareness with the criminals. Free anti-theft screws have been fitted to many vehicles over the past couple of months and officers have visited car boot sales, supermarkets and secondhand outlets giving advice on how to protect property.

Inspector Woollerton continued: "We are also working with partner agencies to identify outstanding suspects using our suspect identification and recognition database and pursuing those outstanding criminals. We have disrupted them and reduced crime overall in certain areas which improves the lives of the local community.

"The message from the police to either thieves or handlers of stolen goods in West Sussex is simple: "If you take it, it could be ours and we will catch you."

Chris White 
Police Sergeant

Officer from a large UK city
“This kit has successfully enabled us to deploy 3 officers and 1 car in an operation where we used to deploy 8 officers and 2 cars”

Officer from a UK midlands Force
“Friday 11th February we deployed our PS3 boxed up in a vehicle.  As we were on duty we were immediately alerted to an activation at 1857hrs.  Resources were immediately deployed to the area, within seconds officers had already spotted a male with the PS3. He was subsequently arrested, charged and remanded to court. The GPS fix we did get was naturally spot on for where the suspect was.”

SATaRE USA tracking device products are ideal for all types of surveillance operations where tracking is required. Their ultra small size allows the tracking device to be easily hidden. Our trackers utilize GPS, GSM, and RF technology, all independently and remotely controllable. Very low power consumption coupled with a flexible power supply makes them suited for long-term operations.

Stolen , missing, or bait items equipped with SATaRE USA products can be tracked, located and recovered in short order and virtually world wide. Assets can be found with pinpoint accuracy, even when concealed. Our state of the art, British manufactured products work in the open air, inside metal containers, buildings and enclosed spaces even in some cases detecting items that have been buried.


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