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Datalux Introduces The Tracer

Designed Universally for All Makes and Models of Police Vehicles and Other Public Safety Vehicles - Network Ready

Tracer Computer Features:
All-in-One unit contains display and computer for ease of servicing, mounting and installation. The unit may be removed by unplugging a single connector. The computer offers a selection of Intel M-processors with performance exceeding Pentium IV.

Display enhanced by the addition of three anti-reflective films to the LCD/touchscreen assembly for readability in bright conditions encountered in police cruisers. The display is fully dimmable for night-time viewing or may be switched off for surveillance. No additional heat producing backlights or added thickness.

Sealed case utilizing heat pipes for heat dissipation without fan. A thermal protection feature initiates an orderly shutdown when the computer is left on in an un-air conditioned vehicle and subjected to a high sun load. The HDD is shock mounted for rugged use. Extreme low temperatures are handled by an optional HDD.**

High-resolution display to make best use of the latest mobile police software. Has adequate video memory to display full screen, full motion video inputs.

Digital video output to drive slave monitor.

Options include an extreme temperature hard drive for operation at lower temperatures, capacitive touchscreen, mini PCI options (802.11b/g, firewire, etc.).

Universal Mount Features:
Tracer swings on vertical indexing hinge for easy access to dashboard or correct positioning for passenger use.

Home position is slightly angled toward driver, but viewable by passenger.

Installs quickly using passenger seat floorplate or center console as a solid base. No alteration to dashboard is necessary.

Does not interfere with airbag deployment and allows comfortable seating for passenger. See video on Datalux web site.

Basic mount fits a wide variety of vehicles. A vehicle model change usually requires only a different floorplate.

Works equally well for LH and RH drive cars with floor or column shift.

Keyboard Features:
The keyboard is mounted on a stable articulating arm allowing it to be positioned optimally for either the driver or passenger. Unique clip-on mounting offers the easy one hand removal of the keyboard. It may then be used in steering wheel mount which provides a stable and convenient platform for in vehicle report writing.

Dimmable, backlit keys for night time operation. Full travel keys (no rubbery feel) with standard spacing. Every keyboard has a trackpad.

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